• Etain O'Kane

    BA Psychology, Post-Graduate Diploma Counselling & Therapeutic Communication, MNCPS Accredited, Level 3 Trained Gottman Method

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    Integrative Psychotherapist & Couples Counsellor

    Founder of Therapy Belfast, Etain has devoted her entire career to promoting positive health and wellbeing through peer-support groups, policy & research, training & workshops, and delivering a range of community based projects across Northern Ireland. She is an Accredited Member of the National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society (NCPS) and is listed on the Professional Standards Authority Accredited Register for Counsellors.


    "I started my own private practice ten years ago, believing that counselling and psychotherapy truly helps people feel validated and supported to overcome challenges that we all face throughout our lives.


    I also believe that therapists excel in their practice when not forced to work with high workloads and short-session models. When we are free to work without fear of endings, to take time to build a truly supportive relationship, and help our clients until they have done all the work they need to do, it not only leads to better and more lasting results for our clients but to greater job satisfaction, more creative and thoughtful approaches to our work, and more skillful practice.


    I went from being a solo practitioner renting rooms by the hour to building a thriving team of independent therapists in the Queens Quarter of Belfast, where a broad range of individuals and couples have access to timely, individualised, and evidence-based mental health support whenever they need it.


    I'm very proud of my colleagues and the work that we do."