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  • Special OFfer: Low Cost Counselling

    We offer a limited number of low cost counselling spaces to clients while supporting the development of counselling students' professional pratice.


    Therapy Belfast and the academic institution work in partnership to support counselling students to complete the supervised clinical practice hours required to become fully qualified therapists.


    Student counsellors have succesfully completed their theoretical academic requirements, are vetted, adhere to an ethical framework, and are insured to practice.


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    Therapy is an opportunity for you to invest time in yourself, and to proactively make your life feel easier and more fulfilling. You set your own goals, decide your own pace of progress, and decide how long your therapy lasts.


    Our team offers confidential, non-judgemental face to face and online counselling sessions to help you with issues of depression, stress & anxiety, relationships and life changes.


    At the beginning we get to know each other. We feed back to you what we notice about you and what you talk about. We will also encourage you to develop a moment by moment awareness of how you are feeling, thinking and acting in the here and now. This helps you gain a deeper awareness of yourself, to notice patterns in your life, and discover how limiting yourself by avoiding certain situations or experiences, being stuck in the past, worrying about the future, or compulsively analysing how you and your life should be is holding you back from fully living.


    Later on we may coach you through activities that can help you face your fears and give you chance to try thinking, feeling and acting differently than what you're used to, all within the safety of the counselling session.


    Together we will look at what it feels like to step out of your comfort zone, to tackle your fears, to let go of any ways of thinking, acting and feeling that don't serve you, and to gain confidence to live a happier and more fulfilled life.


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    Hours of Business

    Face to face and online counselling sessions are available Monday to Saturday between 9am and 9pm.

    Need to know more?

    If you or someone you love is currently in crisis

    If your situation is urgent get immediate emergency support right now by calling:


    NHS 111

    Your (or your loved one's) GP

    Lifeline 0808 808 8000

    Samaritans 116 123 (freephone)

  • "Would you like to BE more honest, feel more present, and gain the confidence to create the life you really want?"


    If you're thinking about counselling, We will give you a free intitial consultation call, so you have a chance to get to speak to your chosen therapist and to decide if therapy is right for you.


    This chat will be casual, relaxed and friendly.​ You can talk a bit about the problem or issues you want to address and your therapistwill explain their approach.


    If you decide it's a good match and that you want take it further you will then set up an appointment to meet in person in Belfast, or to have an online counselling session - the choice is yours!


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    a journey of a thousand miles

    begins with a single step



    Are you ready to take that first step to


    overcome depression, stress or anxiety


    improve your relationships


    make that change


    and live your life with confidence?

  • A Welcome from The Founder of Therapy Belfast

    BA Psychology, Post-Graduate Diploma Counselling & Therapeutic Communication, MNCS Accred.

    counsellor, counselling, counseling,  therapist, depression, anxiety, stress, Northern Ireland, Belfast, online

    Etain O'Kane:

    I've devoted my life to promoting positive health and wellbeing through peer-support groups, training, and a range of community based projects across Northern Ireland. I have a BA in Psychology, and post-graduate level therapeutic training. I am an Acredited Member of the National Counselling Society (NCS) and am a listed on the Professional Standards Authority Accredited Register for Counsellors.


    With a decade of experience in private practice I believe that individuals and couples should have access to timely, individualised, ethical and evidence based mental health support whenever they need it in order to feel validated and supported to overcome challenges so they can meet their potential.

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